1972 GTO

1972 GTO

In 1972, the LeMans and GTO were to take on a completely new body style, however, labor strikes at GM delayed the introduction of this new body style until the 1973 model year. The 1972 GTO, downgraded back to a LeMans option rather than its own separate model, was a carryover of the 1971 GTO with a couple of minor differences. The nose and the hood were unchanged from the 1971 model, but the grilles were recessed and air-extractor vents were added to the rear part of the front fenders. For the first time since the 1967 model year, a post coupe model was available. The standard hardtop model remained, but convertibles were no longer an option. The honeycomb wheels and the Rally II wheels were still available.

The standard engine for the 1972 GTO was a four-barrel carbureted 400 rated at 250 hp. A four barrel carbureted 455 and a four barrel carbureted 455 HO (the latter teamed with the Ram Air system) were optional engines that were both rated at 300 hp.

1972 GTO Production Numbers:

5,673  Hardtops

134 Coupes

Total Production: 5,807


1972 GTO Hardtop

1972 GTO Hardtop

1972 GTO Hardtop - Rear

1972 GTO Hardtop – Rear


1972 GTO Post Coupe

1972 GTO Post Coupe (Photo courtesy ultimategto.com)

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