1971 GTO & 1971 GTO Judge

1971 GTO & 1971 GTO Judge

The 1971 GTO took on the 1970 body style but with differences to the hood and front-end. The Endura front-end was restyled with bumperettes under the headlamps and mesh grilles that came out to the forward edge of the grille openings. The hood was restyled with large twin hoodscoops at the leading edge of the hood. The front valance, parking lights, and front side marker lights were also different from the 1970 model. The hood-mounted tachometer remained as an available option. New honeycomb wheels were a $63 option and the Rally II wheels were still available.

With regulations aimed at removing lead from gasoline, engine compression ratios were dropped, which of course resulted in decreased horsepower. The base engine for the 1971 GTO was a four-barrel carbureted 400 rated at 300 hp. A four barrel carbureted 455 with 325 hp was an option. With the Ram Air 400 gone for 1971, Pontiac created a new four barrel carbureted 455 HO that was rated at 335 hp as the top engine option. Along with the fading horsepower, the engine appearance had also lost some of its excitement. The valve covers were now painted the engine blue instead of being chrome as in the past years and the air cleaner tops were black instead of chrome.

The Judge option was available in 1971, however, this would be the last year. The Judge again had functional Ram Air hoodscoops, a rear-deck spoiler, stripes, and “The Judge” decals.

All 1971 GTO Judges were powered by the 455 HO engine. This engine ID was marked in the narrow sides of the rear deck spoiler.

1971 GTO Production Numbers:

9,497  Hardtops

661 Convertibles

357 Judge Hardtops

17 Judge Convertibles

Total Production: 10,532

1971 GTO Hardtop

1971 GTO Hardtop

1971 GTO Judge Hardtop

1971 GTO Judge Hardtop

1971 GTO Convertible

1971 GTO Convertible (Photo courtesy scenicreflections.com)


1971 GTO Judge Convertible

1971 GTO Judge Convertible (Photo courtesy examiner.com)

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