GTO Poster

 GTO Poster

In August of 2011, members of the Northern California GTO Club had an idea of producing a one-of-a-kind GTO Poster showcasing every year of the “Original Muscle Car” that has brought us all together as a club. That muscle car, of course, is the Pontiac GTO. With the many differences from one year of the GTO to another, seeing front and rear angle shots of each year in one place to show these differences is something that anyone with an interest in cars can appreciate. Mixing up the exterior colors of the cars is another aspect to keep the visual interesting. Not to be left out, the 1969 GTO Judge and the 1970 GTO Judge must appear in addition to the standard GTO models of the same years. With these goals in mind, the photo shoot of various Northern California GTO Club members’ cars began. This was no easy task as it required strict coordination one morning to shoot four angles of each car as quickly as possible so the outdoor’s lighting was similar in each shot. Then of course, there are the hard-to-find model years that we had to go outside of the club to find. After many months, our poster project manager was able to round up a couple of 1971 GTOs and a couple of 1974 GTOs for a photo shoot. In addition to displaying the cars, it was important to also display various badges that are unique to the Pontiac GTO. An actual photograph of the famous “6.5 Litre” emblem was a must as was the “6.0 Litre” emblem from the 2004 – 2006 GTOs. A graphic of “The Judge” decal also couldn’t be ignored. With the cars, emblems, and the layout all in place, our professional photographer/graphic artist prepared our vision for production. From the Dome Printing of Sacramento printing presses, we present to you “THE” GTO Poster that no GTO memorabilia collection should be without!


If you’ve already purchased a poster, leave us a comment below to let us know what you think of it.  Thanks!

“Great day to own a beautiful Poster from NorCalGto club. Thank you Rick Torres, Poster Committee Director for the nice note……. I was excited to receive this once in a lifetime beautiful collection……..A very satisfied GTO collector,brenda”  – via Facebook post

“I had just got my Legend (April) issue in the mail yesterday and right away came to my computer to check out the web site and seen what it was. I knew right then and there I had to have it.”  Dennis – via E-mail


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  1. When I saw the ad in the latest edition of “The Legend” for the GTO Poster, I got just a little excited and decided that I really had to have one. It came in the mail yesterday and when I took it out of the shipping tube and looked at it, I was so pleased with it that I just had to post a comment on the Northern California GTO Club’s website. Hats off to the club for a job well-done. I love the poster and would encourage any other members to aquire one before they sell out. See ya’ll in Dayton…

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