1966 GTO

 1966 GTO

In 1966, Pontiac made the GTO a full-fledged model instead of just an option package of the Tempest/LeMans. The 1966 GTO had the same wheelbase as the 1965 GTO, but was three inches longer with a little more weight. Once again, the GTO had the signature Pontiac stacked headlamps and split front grille and was available in coupe, hardtop, and convertible models. Unlike the 1964 and 1965 GTO coupes and hardtops, the rear glass of the 1966 GTO coupes and hardtops was set in a “tunnel back” fashion with sail panels sloping back from the roof.

The available engines for the 1966 GTO were the same as in the 1965 models, with the standard four barrel carbureted 389 V8 rated at 335 hp and the three two-barrel carbureted (Tri-Power) 389 V8 rated at 360 hp. The cold air induction kit making the center-mounted hood scoop functional for the Tri-Power GTOs was once again a dealer-installed option.

1966 GTO Production Numbers:

73,785 Hardtops

12,798 Convertibles

10,363 Coupes

Total Production: 96,946


1966 GTO Hardtop

1966 GTO Hardtop



1966 GTO Coupe – Rear (Photo courtesy of ultimategto.com)

1966 GTO Convertible

1966 GTO Convertible (Photo courtesy of flemingsultimategarage.com)


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