Tiger Run 2015 – Pontiac GTO Northwest Regional Meet

25th Anniversary of the Tiger Run

The Goat Herd GTO Club of Oregon will be hosting the 25th Anniversary and final edition (at least for the foreseeable future) of the Tiger Run. One of the largest GTO meets on the West Coast, this year’s Tiger Run will be held in Portland, Oregon on Memorial Day Weekend (May 22nd – 24th). Although this is labeled as a GTO event, it is open to all Pontiacs of all years and models. Even if your Pontiac is ‘under construction’ or ‘not finished’, you are still welcome to register and participate in the event. You must be registered to have your particular vehicle in the car show and/or for the awards banquet dinner. This event is highly recommended for all GTO enthusiasts and several Northern California GTO Club members plan to attend.

It’s also been announced that Jim Wangers is planning to attend this event, so sign up now using the attached registration form!

The location for Tiger Run 2015 is the Red Lion Hotel, Jantzen Beach, in Portland, Oregon. Rooms range from $114 to $144 (not including tax) per night depending on type of room requested. To make your reservations, call the Red Lion Hotel reservation line at 1-800-733-5466.


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