Rare GTOs Heading to Barrett-Jackson Auction

Seven rare GTOs and a 1969 Trans Am from the Thomas Stutzman Collection will be on the Barrett-Jackson Auction block in Scottsdale, Arizona January 23rd – January 31st. All eight cars are beautiful and documented by Pontiac Historic Services. In this collection, you’ll see a beautifully restored 1967 Ram Air GTO, a gorgeous Verdoro Green 1968 Ram Air II GTO, a 1969 4-speed equipped Ram Air IV GTO Judge, two 1969 Ram Air IV Convertibles with the TH400 transmission (only 14 were made with this configuration), one (of only 17 built) 1971 GTO Judge Convertible, a 1971 GTO Convertible 455 HO with a 4-speed, and a 1969 Trans Am Ram Air III. More details and pictures of each car can be found on the Barrett-Jackson website.

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