Thunder Valley Show & Shine and Downtown Lincoln Car Show

On Friday May 31st, 2013 there will be a Show & Shine at Thunder Valley Casino and the very next day, Saturday June 1st, 2013, there will be a Car Show in Downtown Lincoln. Please see the attached entry form. Members from the Northern California GTO Club will be showing their cars at the Friday night Thunder Valley Casino event.

Special note to Northern California GTO Club members:  If you plan to show your car at the Show & Shine on Friday May 31st, please contact John Gilbert at  or 916.988.4419 to reserve your parking space with the club.

Thunder Valley and Downtown Lincoln Car Shows

1966 GTO

 1966 GTO

In 1966, Pontiac made the GTO a full-fledged model instead of just an option package of the Tempest/LeMans. The 1966 GTO had the same wheelbase as the 1965 GTO, but was three inches longer with a little more weight. Once again, the GTO had the signature Pontiac stacked headlamps and split front grille and was available in coupe, hardtop, and convertible models. Unlike the 1964 and 1965 GTO coupes and hardtops, the rear glass of the 1966 GTO coupes and hardtops was set in a “tunnel back” fashion with sail panels sloping back from the roof.

The available engines for the 1966 GTO were the same as in the 1965 models, with the standard four barrel carbureted 389 V8 rated at 335 hp and the three two-barrel carbureted (Tri-Power) 389 V8 rated at 360 hp. The cold air induction kit making the center-mounted hood scoop functional for the Tri-Power GTOs was once again a dealer-installed option.

1966 GTO Production Numbers:

73,785 Hardtops

12,798 Convertibles

10,363 Coupes

Total Production: 96,946


1966 GTO Hardtop

1966 GTO Hardtop



1966 GTO Coupe – Rear (Photo courtesy of

1966 GTO Convertible

1966 GTO Convertible (Photo courtesy of

1965 GTO

 1965 GTO

For the 1965 model year, the GTO was once again a $295.90 option for the Pontiac Tempest/LeMans. The 1965 GTO had twin stacked headlamps replacing the side-by-side units of the 1964 model and a single center mounted hood scoop. Once again, the GTO was available in coupe, hardtop, and convertible models.

With a more aggressive camshaft profile and a revised intake manifold, the horsepower rating of the standard four barrel carbureted 389 V8 was bumped from 325 hp to 335 hp. The horsepower rating of the three two-barrel carbureted (Tri-Power) 389 V8 was raised to 360 hp. In August of 1965, Pontiac introduced a cold air induction kit for the Tri-Power GTOs, making the hood scoop functional with the purpose of feeding colder air to the engine.

1965 GTO Production Numbers:

55,722 Hardtops

11,311 Convertibles

8,319 Coupes

Total Production: 75,352

1965 GTO Hardtop

1965 GTO Hardtop

1965 GTO Convertible

1965 GTO Convertible


1965 GTO Coupe

1965 GTO Coupe

1964 GTO

 1964 GTO

Welcome to our first “About the GTO” post starting with the first year. Known as the first true muscle car, the 1964 Pontiac GTO (Grand Turismo Omologato) was actually a $295.90 extra-cost option for the Pontiac Tempest/LeMans. In 1963, General Motors instituted a corporate ban on all factory-backed racing programs which also meant keeping the power-to-weight ratios among regular production models in check. All new models had to be approved by upper management and large displacement engines were not getting approved for smaller cars, therefore, a compact car like the Tempest with a big cubic inch V8 would’ve never been approved for production. John DeLorean (yes, that John DeLorean), who worked for Pontiac at the time, found a way around this by making the GTO an option since new options on already existing models didn’t require approval above the division level.

The 1964 GTO was available in hardtop, coupe, and convertible models. The engines of choice were a 325 hp four-barrel carbureted 389 V8 or a 348 hp three two-barrel carbureted (Tri-Power) V8.

1964 GTO Production Numbers:

18,422 Hardtops

7,384 Coupes

6,644 Convertibles

Total Production: 32,450


1964 GTO Hardtop


1964 GTO Coupe


1964 GTO Convertible

1964 GTO Convertible

Kool April Nights 2013

Kool April Nights 2013

Kool April Nights 2013

Get ready for the 24th Annual Kool April Nights in Redding, Ca. where you’ll wake up to the roar of hot cars! What kinds of things will you see and do when you’re there…

Kool April Nights 2013 runs from April 13th to April 21st, a full nine day feast of all you can eat custom hot rods and restored classics. The kick off with the first show and shine will be at the Best Western at 2300 Hilltop Drive. You can use the map there to find other close by hotels if you plan to stay over and enjoy the event for a few days.

You’re sure to see miles of classic cars along with some of our club member’s cars shined up  in the show and hitting the cruise strip for the big Friday Night cruise. There are show and shines, trophies, food, music, dances, and cruising. That’s just a short list of the fun to be had at Kool April Nights 2013.

The public can purchase pre-sale tickets for $7 at local Raley’s Supermarkets and Napa Auto Parts stores. Admission to the big Kar Show, the main event on Satuday, will be $8 at the gate for the general public. The Friday night cruise, which is the other major hit of the nine day long event, will be free to all spectators. Be sure to grab your spot early because the place will be packed for this one of a kind parade of custom hot rods and restored classics.

They will have concerts in the mega tent outside the Redding Civic Auditorium with tons of classic Rock ‘n’ Roll tunes with hot cover bands featuring music of the Beach Boys and The Beatles to name a few, and so much more.

Take a peek at the Kool April Nights 2013 Schedule of Events and mark your calendars to be at the Kool April Nights 2013 Event. We’ve been and haven’t heard back from anyone that they didn’t have a total blast.

Take in all of the information about Kool April Nights 2013 on their site where you can see all the registration details, the schedule, awards, vendors, and so much more. Enjoy the event and be sure to share your experience with us when you get home with all the Kool pictures and videos you took at the event.

Also, if you’ve never seen the famous Sun Dial Bridge in Redding, CA Turtle Bay  this is something you’ll want to take a walk on for sure!Sun Dial Bridge Redding, CA




DMV Vintage License Plates

DMV Vintage License Plates


Classic Car Owners Get A Chance At Vintage California Plates

Pre-orders started on January 1, 2013.  The California Department of Motor Vehicles announced that vehicle owners will now have the opportunity to purchase replicas of California license plate designs issued in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s.

This new program will bring a retro look to modern license plates.  The three classic designs above (Yellow Black 1950’s) (Black Yellow 1960’s) (Blue Yello 1970’s) can be ordered at a cost of $50 for non-personalized or personalized plates.

A pre-order form is available on the DMV website.  The completed form and $50 payment (check, money order, or cashier’s check) must be mailed to the address provided on the form they will not take orders in the DMV field offices.

Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill (AB) 1658, by Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles) on September 28, 2012.  The law states that 7,500 applications must be reached by January 1, 2015.  If 7,500 applications are not received by that date, any fees paid for the California Legacy plates will be refunded to the applicant.

Assemblyman Mike Gatto recently spoke with the L.A. Times about AB 1658 and said “AB 1658 will enable the backyard auto restorer, the nostalgic, or the owner of a brand-new retro-styled automobile to choose a license plate that best matches the look of their car while making a little money for the state too.”

Chime in on our comments section and let us know if you’ve ordered or not.  We’d love to here from you about the DMV Vintage License plate offer.  If you did order share what car you’ll be putting them on and if you went with personalized plates share that as well. 

P.S.  Thanks John for bringing this item up at our last club meeting.



GTO Posters Are Ready For Order & Pick-up

To order now, simply go to our GTO Poster Secure Order Page . All pre-orders are in stock and ready for pick-up at our Monthly GTO Club Meeting.

Special Thanks to Heather Stover our Photographer and Artist (pictured below with Rick Torres handing him the CD).

GTO Poster

Also, a special thanks to our poster committee: Rick Torres (Project Lead), Mike Archambault, Mike Hart, Phil Newell, and Dan Irwin. 

This poster committee worked many hours to get this project to print!

Rick Torres and Mike Hart are pictured below handing off the CD to Scott at Dome Printing in Sacramento.

GTO Poster